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Norwood School Board candidate profiles-Steven Jarrett


Due to space allowance and press deadlien constraints with the March 27 Wright County Journal, the following Norwood R-I School Board candidate profiles were unable to be printed. We apologize  for the inability to publish them.

Norwood R-I School Board (three year term)

Candidate: Steven Jarrett

My wife Lauren and I have four kids in Norwood School.  I have served as the Norwood Mayor for five years,  and believe I have done my best to better the community.   I would like to carry my dedication and hard work into  helping better an already great school.  I couldn't be prouder to be part of our small town school with such big heart.  

  1. I am running for school board because I have a vision for all kids to receive the best education possible.  I want to make sure teachers have the best resources they need to best educate our future leaders.

  2.  I believe voters should consider me for school board because I am definitely not afraid to stand up for what is right no matter what the circumstance is.  I am able to make decisions with integrity and without agenda.

  3. A. One item I'd like to focus on is a good reading curriculum .  I want all our teachers to have a good reliable resource to teach our kids to become the finest readers they can be.  Being able to read well helps our kids be more successful in all other subject areas.

      B.  Another focus would be extra curricular activities.  I want all kids to have the opportunity to be part of something "extra".  I believe it's important for all kids to be involved,  I believe these types of activities help build character and long life lessons.