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Norwood R-I School Board candidate profiles-Rhonda Coatney


Due to space allowance and press deadlien constraints with the March 27 Wright County Journal, the following Norwood R-I School Board candidate profiles were unable to be printed. We apologize  for the inability to publish them.

Norwood R-I School Board (three year term)

Candidate: Rhonda Coatney
Profile: My name is Rhonda “Bradshaw" Coatney, daughter of the late James and Pat Bradshaw. I was born and raised in Norwood. I attended Norwood school from Kindergarten until I graduated in 1979. I'm married to David Coatney and we have three boys, Keith (Jesi), Jamie (Angela) and Travis (Mikyla) and five grandkids. I have worked for the U.S. Postal Service for the past 21 years as a rural mail carrier in Cabool.

My vision for Norwood School is to keep it the very best school in Missouri. We are very blessed to be financially stable and we have the best administration, teachers and employees. I strive to see that all kids are treated the very same. I love that we have different sports and clubs that all kids can participate in. I do wish we could add more music and programs that every child could do and be a part of. I believe if we keep the kids busy and give them a reason to be proud of what they are doing, they not only will prosper, but turn out to be great citizens in their future. I want to see all our kids be successful in life.

My focus as a board member is to first take care of our children. Safety s the priority and needs to be in this day and time. I believe we have great safety standards already in place but I want to ensure that they are the best. My dad was the bus mechanic and bus driver for 55 years at Norwood so I feel I have a lot to bring to the table on keeping up with our bus fleet and taking care of our bus drivers and keeping our buses safe. The education of our children is why they attend school. I want to see every child excel and receive the best education. I want to keep great t teachers and staff that put our kids first and treat all kids equal and give each child the best education. I love when Norwood graduates want to come back and work at our school as teachers or employees.

The most important issue for me is to keep “God” first in all we do as board members. I love that we pray before each meeting and when our kids pray before games. I believe the reason why our school has prospered and is the great school it is is because we have always kept “God” in it. I love Norwood School and our community and I am so very proud of all our kids and how they represent our school.

If anyone has any questions please contact me any time. I am on Facebook under “Rhonda Bradshaw Coatney." Thank you all for trusting me to be your board member over the years and I would appreciate your vote on April 2. Thank you. Proud to be a Pirate!