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Three local musicians form new band


Just a few months ago, three local musicians decided to come together as a band—and were consequently thrust into the spotlight. 

The trio, called Neon Scythe, began performing together in July of last year. What started as a one-time gig soon turned into something more meaningful.

“It wasn’t planned for this to become something permanent, but I’m so glad it did,” said Adrian Fleetwood, the group’s lead vocalist. 

Fleetwood, who recently returned to the area from New York City, has made a name for herself on stage. It was through this medium that she developed a musical partnership with guitarist Gavin Sanders, who began accompanying her on gigs.

The pair decided that adding a percussionist to the mix would improve their sets, and so they set out to find one. Eventually, they came across drummer Gracie Packwood. The three quickly found their groove. Their eclectic musical backgrounds are evident in their covers, ranging from iconic bands like Nirvana to classics like The Eagles and The Cranberries.

“We’re all very different,” said Sanders, “but that’s what makes it work.” Despite being in their early 20s, each member of Neon Scythe brings to the table a wealth of musical experience. Fleetwood is an established singer-songwriter with a heavy social media presence. Sanders, an expert in music theory, provides a strong technical foundation, while storied musician Packwood adds rhythm and depth to their sound.

The band’s name, Neon Scythe, represents the juxtaposition of the band’s contemporary influences with more traditional roots. Originally called “Velvet Dagger,” the trio settled on Neon Scythe— a striking title that conjures a vivid image of the Grim Reaper’s tool.

While currently performing hit songs from various genres, the trio has plans to write and perform original tracks. 

“We plan to write and release some of our own stuff within the next year,” Packwood said.

The band’s upcoming gigs include sets at Midway Sports Bar & Grill on Feb. 17 from 9 p.m.-12 a.m. and Piney River Brewing Company on Feb. 24 from 3-6 p.m. 

For inquiries or bookings, Neon Scythe can be contacted by phone at 417-693-7624 or via email at Neon.scythe.band@gmail.com.