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City of Mansfield candidates profile-Derrick Neal


Due to space allowance and press deadlien constraints with the March 27 Wright County Journal, the following City of Mansfield candidate profiles were unable to be printed. We apologize  for the inability to publish them.

City of Mansfield (two year term)


Moved to Mansfield (1974), graduated from Mansfield High School.  Married for 39 years have 4 children and 9 grandchildren.  United States Air Force veteran.  Bachelors Degree from Southern Illinois University, Industrial Technology.  Returned in 1994 with family after Honorable Discharge from USAF.  Employed by Copeland Corporation (23 yrs).  Current Alderman for the City of Mansfield, Booster Club Member, Board Member of Parish Advisory Council and Ann Short Turner Community Center.  Previous School Board member.

Vision of Position.

City Council is a position to oversee the use of the local taxpayers monies to maintain and improve Mansfield through inputs from the citizens and city employees.  Decisions need to be made for the city which will best benefit all citizens (stakeholders) and businesses regarding current and future needs while operating within our budget.  Maintain and improve relationships with groups and organizations in Mansfield.


Resident of Mansfield about 40 years, I desire to have a great community which is looked upon as a place for people to want to visit and/or relocate to, whether residential or commercial. I listen to the input of the residents as to their desires and to the issues or concerns they present.  I have been involved with and understand the current projects occurring and upcoming for the city, along with the direction the council and city employees are wanting to move forward with.

1-2 Focus Areas.

Infrastructure.   This is needed to maintain functional utilities for the city.  Electrical/Power system integrity and improvements to prevent service interruptions to the residents and businesses.  This can also be integral in attracting new residents and potential businesses.  Storm water run-off, street overlay and water treatment projects are in process or soon to start.

Functionalilty.  Ensure the departments maintain functionality for the city as intended.  Meet the needs of the citizens and businesses for utilities along with police and fire protection.  As a city and city council we strive to work within the approved budget to provide services and improvements for all.