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Street employees, MoDOT among those to be commended


Any time this type of winter weather we are experiencing hits our area, there are always a group of people who receive both our complaints and our gratitude for their hours of work spent to clear our snow and ice covered roads.

Street employees and MoDOT crew members have once again been working many hours to plow snow off the roads and to treat the roads to help in fighting the icy conditions.

Not only are they having to battle accumulating snowfall, but the frigid temperatures in the single digits dropped into the negatives due to the  bitter wind chill.

This leads to workers needing to go over the same streets multiple times with the hopes that they can get the roads cleared as much as possible right away, which instantly helps first responders and other emergency personnel.

They have to constantly keep up with their work on the roads to keep them drivable.

I want to publicly say thank you to these workers who have been braving these chilly conditions to get our streets cleared off sooner than later.

I am also grateful for those working with the electric cooperatives who looking for ways to keep power as they closely monitor the power grid.

During this bad weather, I also commend the many members in the community who are looking for ways to assist those in need.

On social media, there have been several Facebook posts from people who were needing wood to keep their homes heated.

I’ve seen many people pointing those in need to others who can help them get their needed wood supply for heating their homes.

While dealing with this weather can be challenging, this type of weather also brings out the best in many members of our community.

Neighbors begin looking for ways to help out the elderly in getting them things from the store, shoveling their sidewalks and driveways or simply helping them get their mail from the mailbox.

In Wright County, neighbors helping neighbors through tough situations is nothing unusual.

Unfortunately, there are many places in larger population centers where you won’t find the same type of consistent kindness expressed on such an ongoing basis.

So for that, we need to be grateful for where God has blessed us with the ability to live.

This storm is still not over by the time you are reading this.

So please stay warm, stay off the roads if it is not necessary for you to get out, help your neighbors where you can, adhere to electric cooperative requests and be sure to thank street employees and MoDOT for their efforts in this most recent winter weather storm.


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