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Reviewing the book entitled, “Look What God Did!”


When I interviewed Mansfield native Patty Thompson last week regarding her book for sale on Amazon called, “Look What God Did!,” she asked me if I would consider writing an official review on her publication.

In my near 20 years working in the newspaper industry, I have written countless articles on folks with local ties who have taken the big step in entering the publishing world. Not one author; however, has asked for me to write a book review for the newspaper on their publication. This is a difficult challenge for me as I spend a lot of time reading every day local and national articles. Outside of work, my other reading time is spent in my Bible. And Lord knows, I fail to do that as much as I need to. Since her book was just 101 pages with spaced out copy on a good topic, I plowed through it the best that I could. Below is my review...

“Patty Thompson’s life is reflective of many teenagers from the late 1960s and early 1970s. In her case, she became a Christian at an early age, but was caught up in the social movement of that era filled with new styles of music and a mix of drugs and alcohol. While some things she didn’t take part in, there was a drawing for her to want to be a part of the culture.

Patty talks about putting God at an arm’s length through this time. And like many people, God put someone in her life to cause her to look at herself and just how far she had kept God at a distance. While some of her focus cleared up, she also allowed herself to get into a relationship that had red flags, though it had just enough positives she tried to hold on to it. Like many married women, Patty began to grow in her life spiritually while her husband drifted a part from God and herself. Patti found herself going through a divorce while leaning on God’s protection through it all. This leads to the need to excel in the work force while desiring to get on the other side of struggling finances. Once again, God put people in her life, and in falling in line with the book title, she can see what God did.

Her journey moves into a new marriage, unexpected leadership opportunities with work and with a growing church. She also tells of symbolism in stories she shares that really helped her to have a more intimate relationship with God as she grew in her walk with Him.

She also noted the importance of taking care of yourself and your own family while being caught up in a life of service. The balance is important.

All the while, it is important for everyone to never forget they cannot navigate through this life on their own. There is a God willing to be with us every step of the way. We just need to let Him take charge and communicate daily with Him while on this journey of life. I enjoyed reading this book. Lots of a good stories and relatable things for many readers to grab a hold of.

The book is focused, and ultimately, the author gives credit to where it is due, and that is to God. He helped her in this journey and many believe He is ready to help all of us in our lives, if we let Him.