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Remain cautious as things open up


By the time you read this editorial, there are obvious signs that our economy is beginning to open up.

We can once again go to a restaurant to dine-in instead of carry-out only.

Most retail locations have their doors open to customers. Many business, which were closed completely during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, are beginning to open their doors.

Many churches have also started to or about to begin holding services inside as oppose to online only or with pastors preaching to the congregation while they sit in their cars. The weather is nice and the stay-at-home orders have officially expired. While it is very easy for many of us to get excited and want to get back to business as normal, I want all of us to still exercise a bit of caution.

While it can be easy to dispute how health officials are determining deaths as a true result from someone having COVID-19, the facts are that the United State had 2,909 people die with diagnosed coronavirus Thursday-Friday, April 30-May 1. It was the highest daily death toll in the U.S. yet. On May 2, Missouri added another 300 new COVID-19 positive tests and 14 more deaths.

The threat is still real. It hasn’t went away. Even President Donal Trump told Fox News on Sunday that a vaccine may not be available until December.

My father lives with us and he has advanced COPD. This makes him extremely vulnerable  to whatever our family could bring home on us and not even know it.

His respiratory issues are a major reason why our family will be a little slower than most to start mingling in public settings with the stay-at-home order expired.

So while it is exciting to see things to start moving forward, let’s not forget how we got here. All of us were forced to practice social distancing for the past month and most of us haven’t been around a lot of people in one setting. While many restrictions are lifted, all of us should still be safe and on high alert for at least the next 30 days.


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