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Recovery piece support sought again for monthly printing


Since early 2020, a monthly listing of faith-based recovery programs have been published in the first issue of each month to provide life-changing information to addicts and their loved ones.

The lists provides information for more than a dozen such programs, mostly located in the Wright County area.

The advertisement has also included a feature on one program per month.

During the past year, our newspaper began publishing lengthy features on individuals whose lives have completely changed for the better due to their involvement in one of the faith-based recovery groups.

Some features provided readers an in-depth look on lives that have been changed for the better.

There were also features on some of the folks who work closely with any number of the faith-based initiatives. Unfortunately during this time, the number of business or individual sponsors have declined.

Right now, there is not enough revenue to pay for the large amount of space being allocated each month for this feature.

We had hoped to see this section reach around $200 per month, enabling us to turn the recovery listing into a full page for our readership. Currently, the section is not even half way to that goal and some discussions include moving the basic information into a redesigned church section that will be unveiled in July.

So how can you help?

Please consider purchasing a sponsorship for your business or make a personal donation of just $20 per month for the next 12 months. You may list your donation as anonymous if you so choose. If you have an interest for purchasing a sponsorship ad, please call Alonda at our office, 417-926-5148, or email her at  ads2@ozarkmedia.com. If you are choosing to take the step to donate to the section, I want to say thank you.

This promotion is still very dear to my heart.

I’ve heard countless testimonies from individuals who have completely done a 360-degree turn in their personal life.

One of those people, Alonda Jones, works for us here at the Wright County Journal.

The recovery listing being printed in the paper was something the Lord placed on her heart to begin.

This was a promotion she had a vision for, she prayed over and she worked to make it become a reality.

I would love to see sponsorships come in that could completely take the recovery listing in the newspaper to a whole new level. I just do not want to see this promotion fade away into some basic listing on a church page that will not have anywhere near the impact of the mostly full page piece that premieres monthly in the publication.


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