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Official show results from the annual Tri-County Fair


Information regarding a Hall of Fame induction and show results are now available from the recent Tri-County Fair held in Mountain Grove.

This year’s honoree for the Hall of Fame was Dr. Michael Gardner, who was joined by his wife Judy. According to information provided by the Tri-County Fair, Dr. Gardner, back in the 80s and 90s, was at the fair for all three days, all day long. “He reportedly parked his RV in the driveway and nobody got past him,” this from the Tri-County Fair’s Facebook page. “When a trailer came in, he climbed inside and looked at every animal. Any animals with wart or ringworm was sent home. Nothing got past him. Sometimes you hear Dr. Gardner, you are needed in the sheep barn. Dr. Gardner you need to go to the dairy barn. He helped every sick or hurt animal. He enjoyed helping the kids and their animals. That is why Dr. Micheal Gardner is the this years honoree.”


Poultry, Fowl and Rabbit

Champion Poultry-Braelyn Williams

Reserve Champion Poultry-Cash Williams

Champion Waterfowl-Kathrine Roberts

Reserve Waterfowl-Mark Shaner

Champion Rabbit-Melanie Karges

Reserve Rabbit-Rachel Prock

Best of Breed- Turkey-Jack Shaner

Best of Breed- Guinea-Sam Shaner


Hog Show

Overall Grand Champion-Whitney Ogletree

Reserve Overall Champion-Bryer Lauderdale

Sale Grand Champion-Bryer Lauderdale

Reserve Sale Champion-Gabe Todd

Showmanship 13 and over-Ethan Drake

age 8-12-Cheylea Pamperien

age 6-7-Heston Pamperien

age 5 and under- Shyann Shannon


Sheep Show

Sale Grand Champion-Millie Pamperien

Sale Reserve Grand-Presley Pamperien

Crossbred- Grand Champion Ewe-Elsie Barton

Reserve Grand Ewe-Hudson Barton

Grand Champion Ram-Trenton Harker

Reserve Champion Ram-Bentley Neuroth

Dorper-Grand Champion Ewe- Payton Nix

Grand Champion Ram-Payton Nix

Dorset-Grand Champion Ram-Rylan Nix

Dorset Advantage- Grand Champion Ewe-Elsie Barton

Reserve Ewe-Rylan Nix

Hampshire: Grand Champion Ewe-Payton Harker

Reserve Ewe-Finlie Schober

Katahdin-Grand Champion Ewe-Savannah Hulsen

Grand Champion Ram-Cole Peterson

Natural Color-Grand Champion Ewe-Quinn Peterson

Shetland- Grand Champion Ewe-Hayden Garn

Grand Champion Ram-Hayden Garn

Supreme Champion Ewe-Elsie Barton (Crossbred)

Supreme Champion Ram-Trenton Harker (Crossbred)

Senior Showmanship-Payton Nix

Junior Showmanship-Elsie Barton


Meat Goat

Sale Grand Champion-Kinley Hoehner

Sale Reserve Grand Champion-Lucas Alexander

Junior Champion Buck Clinton Causey

Reserve Junior Champion Buck-Brooke Ryan

Yearling Champion and Grand Champion Buck-Kaylee Virtue

Reserve Grand Champion Buck-Clinton Causey

Junior Champion Doe-Kinley Hoehner

Reserve Junior Champion Doe-Alexis Hoehner

Senior Champion Doe-Clinton Causey

Reserve Senior Champion Doe-Riley Jo Summers

Grand Champion Doe-Kinley Hoehner

Reserve Grand Champion Doe-Clinton Causey

Dairy Goat- Grand and Supreme Champion Doe-Clinton Causey


Dairy Cattle 

Ayrshire-Grand Champion-Teagan Hardy

Reserve Grand-Kathryn Stewart

Brown Swiss-Grand Champion-Molly Archer

Reserve Grand-Willa Appleton

Crossbred- Grand Champion-Molly Archer

Reserve Grand-Willa Appleton

Holstein- Grand Champion-Chase Eilenstine

Reserve Grand-Hope McClellan

Jersey- Junior Champion and Reserve Grand-Jenna Brixey

Reserve Junior champion-Jacob Brixey

Grand Champion-Chase Eilenstine

Supreme Champion-Molly Archer (Brown Swiss)

Reserve Supreme Champion-Teagan Hardy (Ayrshire)

Herdsmanship-Jenna and Jacob Brixey

Showmanship-8 and under- Chase Eilenstine

Intermediate-Jenna Brixey

Senior-Libby Shaver


Beef Cattle

Angus: Grand Champion female-Abby McNish

Reserve Grand Champion Female-Kaylee Virtue

Grand Champion Bull-Addy Sinning

Reserve Grand Champion Bull-Abby McNish


Grand Champion Female-Trigger Anderson

Reserve Grand Champion Female-Olivia Prock


Grand Champion Female-Adylee Doehring

Reserve Grand Champion Female-Paeten Whaley

Grand Champion Bull-Hailey Doehring 

Reserve Grand Champion Bull-Paeten Whaley


Grand Champion Female-Sam Peterson 

Reserve Grand Champion Female-Ben Peterson 

Grand Champion Bull-Rebekah Evans

Reserve Grand Champion Bull-Hannah Evans 


Grand Champion Female-Jessica Bratton

Reserve Grand Champion Female-Libby Shaver

Grand Champion Bull-Logan Archer


Grand Champion Female-Alyssa Stinnett

Reserve Grand Champion Female-Mattie Prescott


Grand Champion Female-Alyssa Stinnett 

Reserve Grand Champion Female-Emma Prescott

Grand Champion Bull-Andrew Norris

Reserve Grand Champion Bull-Haeden Whaley

Supreme Champion Female-Alyssa Stinnett 

Reserve Supreme Champion Female-Alyssa Stinnett 

Supreme Champion Bull-Addy Sinning

Reserve Supreme Champion Bull-Abby McNish 

Market Steer Sale Grand Champion-Mattie McKee

Market Steer Sale Reserve Grand Champion-Eli Golden

Junior Showmanship-Emma Prescott

Intermediate Showmanship-Sam Peterson

Senior Showmanship-Abby McNish


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