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New year offers fresh start


There is always something special about the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

No matter what struggles or challenges any of us had to go through in the past 365 or 366 days, all of us now have the opportunity to move forward with our lives without looking back. The previous year is behind us and we now have a fresh start and a fresh perspective that only a new year can provide. It feels good each year when we can officially hit the reset button.

We have a new calendar to work with. If we set resolutions the year before that we didn’t accomplish, we can now start over and be motivated to avoid failure this time around with the hopes of achieving our personal goals this time around.

Every year, many of us will set resolutions to lose weight, be a better parent, attend church more, get a new job and the list goes on. There’s just something exciting about starting a new year and we are offered hope. We have renewed energy to attack a resolution head on and achieve a goal or several goals that we set for ourselves.

For me personally, I have set a resolution to lose weight for several years now.

I get excited for the fresh start, but never get as serious as I need to be before seeing yet another year go by without making a difference. Thankfully, I have a fresh start to try this again. I have a hope that this is the year I will finally see the change I long for.

I have also set a few personal goals as a publisher, as a parent and as a child of God that I’m looking forward to tackling with full force. Don’t let  previous failures discourage you. With a new focus, a fresh start and God’s help, anything is possible.