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Mountain Grove, the host site for another fantastic Tri-County Fair


A steady crowd appeared to enjoy an array of activities scheduled  at the annual Tri-County Fair held June 9-12 at the Tri-County Fairgrounds in Mountain Grove.

Every day, fair goers made their way to Mountain Grove to enjoy and/or compete in livestock shows, kids games, a nightly carnival, the rodeo and so much more.

While we did have a couple of hot days and we had to fight through some lightning in the area on Friday night, the weather all four days was not terrible.

I mean, it was hot at times, but we have had much worse.

This past week’s fair offered all of us a chance to enjoy one of the first biggest activities since the COVID-19 pandemic took so much away from us the past year.

I know my kids enjoyed getting on the many rides while participating in some of the games at the carnival.

The fair just gave them an opportunity to be a kid again while enjoying the freedom of an event without many of the COVID-19 restrictions that once effected everything we participated in.

I want to take this time to thank the crew of volunteers who worked so hard to make sure we had a Tri-County Fair this year.

So much work goes into making this type of an event a reality.

And unfortunately, year in and year out, the same group of people take on this responsibility every year at a sacrifice to their own personal lives and to precious time they could be spending with their own families.

I won’t begin to list names on here, but those reading this editorial will know whether or not they fit into this group of go-getters.

So a big thank you goes to all of the volunteers who worked hard to plan and execute the reality of this year’s Tri-County Fair.

Thank you for giving back to your community and the Wright County area.

Thank you for sacrificing your own time to allow my family and countless others a chance to enjoy quality time together.

In the last newspaper market in which I worked, their list of fair volunteers dwindled to such a low number that the committee was forced to cancel its carnival for several years.

Having a carnival group come to town is not a cheap venture.

At that location, the main attraction at the fair for several years, believe it or not, was three large inflatable bounce houses they rented just to offer some sort of activity at a cheaper cost to fair goers.

So yea, my kids just ate up the experience at this year’s Tri-County Fair.

Thank you again for providing a great atmosphere and a great time.

Here’s to hoping the 2022 Tri-County Fair will be yet another success in Mountain Grove.


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