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Mountain Grove schools hit with COVID-19


When Wright County school districts started their 2020-2021 school year during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, administrators and staff were hoping their districts could somehow make their way through the school year without anyone being affected by the coronavirus.

Unfortunately, just a few weeks into the school year, and the pandemic is already leaving its mark.

Mansfield was the first to have a teacher test positive a couple of weeks ago. It was Mountain Grove’s turn this past week. First on Sep. 5, the district confirmed that a high school student had tested positive for COVID-19. Six days later, the district’s total reached three students and two teachers who had tested positive for COVID-19.

According to the district’s communication update, all three students attend Mountain Grove High School. As for the teachers, one works at the high school and the other works at the elementary school.

The district noted that the Wright County Health Department is working diligently to contact anyone who may be considered a close contact to the affected individuals at the district.

They did note that if folks are not contacted by the school district or the WCHD, then they are to be considered a low risk for exposure. These five positive tests remind all of us that COVID-19 is not going away any time soon. According to the last COVID-19 update posted by the WCHD on their Facebook page Sep. 10, there are currently 35 people who are in isolation and four people who are hospitalized. The county has had a total of 138 positive COVID-19 tests since the WCHD began tracking the coronavirus.

In their case numbers by city and town, it shows that Mountain Grove has reached a total of 55 positive COVID-19 tests.

Hartville is at 30, there have been 29 cases in Mansfield, 14 in Norwood, seven in Grovespring and three in Macomb. As someone who has dealt with COVID-19 in my own home, I strongly encourage local residents to just take extra caution when out in public.

If you are going to be around a lot of people in a public place, it may not hurt to wear a mask. When at public places, take advantage of hand sanitizing stations and be sure to wash your hands when you return home. I know a lot of our readers have strong opinions on the validity of COVID-19. I have some of the same opinions.

They just do not change the fact that a virus is active and is contagious. Let’s work together to end this thing once and for all. May we also be diligent in prayer for those affected by it.


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