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MO Liquidator offering new, cost efficient appliances and more at newest storefront location


With more than 400 appliances and a variety of quality, discounted household products for sale at new locations in both Mountain Grove and Marshfield, MO Liquidator, the Mountain Grove Area Chamber of Commerce’s Company of the Year, has been working hard to serve an ever growing number of customers.

This past April marked one full year for owner Dean Tarzia, his wife, Dawn, and their staff in operating the liquidating business in Mountain Grove, previously serving customers on N. Main St.

Recently, the business moved to their new 2,300 square foot location at 503 W. 3rd St. in Mountain Grove.

Upon walking inside, shoppers are greeted by a large appliance area featuring washers, dryers, refrigerators, dishwashwers, ovens, microwaves, hood vents and more.

Appliances come with manufacturer warranties.

Dean says many of the appliances he purchases are simply written off by the big retail locations to get them off their books. Some appliances may be purchased with a small scratch or dent, that in many cases, his staff is able to address for the customer.

One big help to MO Liquidator customers wanting to buy appliances are the purchasing options that are available.

Customers can buy appliances at “Mo’s Price,” which is paid in full with one payment giving them a big savings. The customer can haul the item themselves or pay the MO Liquidator crew just $200 to haul it to their homes and install it for them.

If two or more appliances are purchased and a delivery fee was paid for, the one $200 is good for installing all appliances involved in the purchase.

Tarzia said he also offers delivery options in other parts of the state, citing recent deliveries made by his crew to as far away as St. Louis and Kansas City. Those delivery costs are based on the location’s distance from the two MO Liquidator stores.

For customers wanting more time to make the purchase, the higher regular price option is available to be paid in either six or 12 months depending on if the value is greater than either $500 or $1,000.

This unique “MO Rents” option has an approval process, but in the long run, still offers the customer an affordable opportunity to purchase a quality appliance in a cost efficient way. This also saves them the drive to a big box store, which has higher prices.

A layaway plan is also currently available.

In an adjacent large room, liquidated items are organized to help customers find many new household items purchased at a discounted rate.

Dean Tarzia said liquidations come in from places like Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Granger, HD Supply, Amazon and other locations as they become available for purchase.

All items purchased by MO Liquidator goes through a quality control process at a separate warehouse location in Mountain Grove.

“Some people have really gotten some great deals from us,” Tarzia noted.

In addition, MO Liquidator has a connected business where it refurbishes and sells hoverboards. A large variety of them are available for sale at the retail location.

Some items can also be located by visiting moliquidator.com/. Call them today at 417-228-2330.

For the Tarzia family, owning and operating a liquidation business became a focus for their family during the COVID-19 pandemic when they lived in the Long Island, N.Y. area.

Dean had a successful construction business with a staff of almost 40.

When the pandemic resulted in many overreaching policies by New York officials that effectively shut businesses down for a prolonged period of time, COVID-19 funds were used to pay employees until there wasn’t much left to distribute.

He was faced with a decision to move on from a lucrative venture, where he enjoyed renovating many historic buildings throughout New York, which included some beautiful cathedrals.

In looking at many opportunities, a decision was made to go into the liquidation business, something Dean had previous interest with.

After opening a 10,000 square foot warehouse in Long Island, he had one weekend featuring 1,000 customers.

With the challenge of working with big city officials who appeared to constantly evolve with how they mandated things through the pandemic along with shipping costs cutting into profit margins, a decision was made to move to the midwest.

Being a liquidator in the midwest would also cut into shipping products from the west coast.

Dean Tarzia said he did have some employees move from the East Coast to settle in the Mountain Grove area to continue working for the Tarzias in the liquidation business.

In moving away from the East Coast, one thing Dean says he misses is the New York Style deli food accessible to him in there.

That will soon change when “MO Eats” opens in possibly 30 to 60 days inside the old Pizza Hut building located on 20th St. in Mountain Grove.

Dean says the Carnegie Deli menu will feature pastrami, salami and countless other deli favorites.