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Local farm delivering fresh produce all four seasons


After having limited success selling produce at Farmers Markets in Houston and Licking, Jacob Lockcuff, of Lockcuff Family Farms, knew he needed a different approach to selling products from his two acre market garden.

Having read about some farmers using an all four seasons approach to growing and selling their produce, the decision was made, with support of his parents and farm owners, Dan and Melissa Lockcuff, to attempt this endeavor at the Bado farm.

This move, which started with deliveries being made in October, Jacob Lockcuff says, has been a success.

“So far it has been triple the sales,” noted Jacob, who was born and raised in the area before moving back in the Fall of 2020.

Through his online marketplace located at lockcufffamilyfarms.com, he is selling year-round produce, which includes carrots, cabbage, rutabaga, swiss chard, tatsoi, mustard greens, arugula, spinach, turnips, onions, custom salad mix and a spring lettuce mix.

Customers can place orders on the website or by calling/texting 479-282-7516. They can also email info@lockcufffamilyfarms.com.

For orders more than $20, there is no delivery fee. For orders less than $20, there is a $5 delivery charge.


More on the four season process

To protect the rows of crops during the harsh elements of late fall and winter, hoops are placed over top of the crop with a cover over them. There are low tunnels that are three foot long that helps to keep the produce from being frozen solid.

This helps to keep the crop protected from the elements while helping it to not get dehydrated.

Not only has the move been financially successful, farming for all four seasons has cut down on his summer workload. 

“By doing four seasons, I can spread the workload out," Jacob said. "I think it has its advantages.”