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Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor,

To the community and fans of the Hartville Eagles,

I recently had the honor of hosting the boys basketball team from Hartville at the state tournament in Springfield. Rest assured, these men conducted themselves in a way that you can be proud of.

Upon entering the arena the first day, each of them thanked me as I held the door open for them.

As the weekend went on, the other host, Wes Stoner and I, were impressed by the way the team conducted themselves and the hard, tough way they played.

Coach Brett Reed and assistants Braden Keith and Tony Simpson were well prepared for both of the games and left nothing unattended.

Obviously, they had been to this point in the season before, and the guidance and coaching of the team was unsurpassed by any of the other schools there!

Hartville can be proud of their team also by the way they wore shirt printed in honor of Salisbury’s lost team member that they gave to them during introductions.

This might seem like a trivial thing, but to have the shirts printed and ready in three days is a tribute in light of everything else that goes into getting a team prepared for a trip to the Final Four.

I was proud to host the Hartville Eagles at the state tournament this year and hope to see them in the future!


Mike Shores