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Important questions answered for Salvation Army


What is the purpose of the Salvation Army bell ringers? 

To raise money to help people in need.

How long are bell ringers out ringing bells? 

Nov. 20-Dec. 24. Not long when you consider that monies raised have to be spread to last throughout the year.

Where does the

money go? 

85% of all monies raised stays in our Community.  The other 15% goes to the main office in St. Louis, where it is used for Emergency Disaster Services and other services  throughout the state. http://stlsalvationarmy.org/how-we-help/emergency-disaster-services/

Who disperses the money?

Our local Ozark Action uses the money to help people in our community that are in need of assistance.  

How is the money used in our area?

In assisting families with food, rent, medication, transportation, utilities, water bills, sponsors our Christmas Angel tree for kids, free back packs for kids during back-to-school fair, Care to Learn program and much more.

How can I get assistance with these funds? 

Contact your local Wright County Salvation Army extension service center located in the Ozark Action Office.  417-926-5570

How can I help raise money for our community? 

Volunteer to ring the bell, call Mountain Grove Elementary School at 417-926-3177, ext. 2, and ask to sign up.

Am I responsible for the money in the kettle when ringing the bell? 

The kettle is locked, money that goes in cannot be pulled out. A Salvation Army representative will pick up the kettle at the end of each day.

Who can ring the bell? 

Any Individual 16 and older, families or small groups. 

Individuals 16 and under must be accompanied by a sponsor.

How much was raised last year? 

Last year, the Salvation Army raised $6,298 to use in our community. This year we would love to double that and assist twice as many families in need.


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