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Dream comes true as Macomb man opens shop


It had been a dream for a long time for Brian Jacobs to open a shop on his farm for welding, fabrication and refurbishing work.

The Macomb man had his dream come true when he officially opened Caveman Welding Shop on his property last fall.

“I’ve always done welding all of my life; it was done out of my garage attached to the house, but all I could do was little projects,” Jacobs noted.

In his new 40’x60’ shop, he has high walls and he can get something 20’ wide into the shop to work on it.

“Anywhere from fixing things to fabricating things for people,” Jacobs said regarding the services he offers.

Some of the jobs he’s done includes an attachment for a skid steer with a hitch receiver on it, building a skid loader bucket for feed paces for loading up barrels, working on trailers, making feeders, among other jobs.

“I will work individually with the customer and work with their schedule if they want something certain made,” Jacobs noted. “They can either draw it up and bring it to me and we can sit down and discuss the materials needed, get prices and get them a bid and stuff like tat.”

As for the name of his business, Jacobs said it came from a friend of his who has a welding shop that always called him caveman.

“So I just decided to name it Caveman Welding,” he said.

To contact Caveman Welding Shop, call 417-349-0243.

The company is also on Facebook at Caveman Welding Shop.


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