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COVID reminding us it’s still around


Just when it felt like we were returning to normal life after the last year was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, this coronavirus reminded us this past month that it is still around.

I had heard from some people who work in the medical field that there had been a spike in local COVID-19 positive cases.

But it wasn’t until I studied the numbers did the reality sink in that this pandemic is still around.

After numbers were rather slow to increase in previous months, the Wright County Health Department reported 57 positive lab tests in June. One stretch from June 25 to July 9 resulted in 57 positive lab tests. Meanwhile, Texas County’s Health Department reports 172 positive cases between June 1-July 6.

Springfield’s hospitals are reportedly treating more than 100 COVID patients in both locations. Mercy Hospital is reporting a shortage in their ventilator supply. Some health experts like administrative officials at Mercy claim the patients are primarily people who have yet to get a vaccine shot. I assume that report is true. My initial thought was on folks who have had the shot, had a separate medical condition then were told they had a positive COVID test. I had one friend who fit this scenario. My thought was if folks are getting a vaccine then had a separate health issue, then it was a no-brainer they might have a positive test. But apparently, hospitals are reporting their patients are mostly those without a vaccine shot.

Regardless, COVID-19 is still around and people are getting sick. All of us need to at least take a step back and consider taking safety measures we practiced during the last year that we may have enjoyed a break from recently. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

Getting the vaccine is also an option.