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Christmas 2020 to be memorable


With this week’s issue, it’s hard to believe that our next publication will be dated December 23, just two days before Christmas 2020.

Lately, listening to the timeless loop of Christmas music being played just outside my window on the square in Mountain Grove, I have been thinking a lot about this Christmas season.

Many years, Christmas comes upon many of us and the busy time of the season forces it to come and go in the blink of an eye. A lot of us are so busy trying to cross off names on our shopping list and attending family and friend gatherings, that by time we’re done, we’re exhausted and wake up on December 26 glad that it is all over.

This year; however, is like none that most of us have never experienced before. Regardless of what your take is on COVID-19 and the pandemic, no one cannot say it has not affected them in one way or another.

Likely, at least one person in most extended families has personally been affected by a positive test of the virus.

Not to mention, most of us have been affected by now with a quarantine that has caused schedules and many of our lives to be impacted.

Some people have lost jobs, lost loved ones, have been unable to regularly see loved ones in nursing facilities, been unable to visit elderly family members and the list goes on.

We are nine months into this pandemic and government  officials across the country are already implementing another big shutdown featuring mask wearing mandates, limited capacity in businesses and homes, along with banning of restaurants from doing business both inside and now outside.

None of us know what the next year holds. We may still be wearing a mask next Christmas.  Who knows?

But as Matthew 6:33-34 says in my paraphrase, let’s not worry about tomorrow because it will take care of itself. I encourage everyone to make this Christmas a memorable. Enjoy time with the loved ones you see either in person or on a phone. Just be thankful to have any time God blesses you with when it comes to family and possibly friends. Life is too short to get worked up about what comes next.

Be grateful for what you already have. Regardless, this Christmas will be one to remember


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