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Biden named winner, but election is far from over


It appears the mainstream media has not learned anything from the controversial election of 20 years ago when many of the television networks declared Vice President Al Gore the winner of the presidential race. If you remember, they then withdrew, gave the election to George W. Bush before withdrawing yet again.

In that situation, it came down to just one state (Florida) and a bunch of hanging “chads.” What many may not remember is that the race was not officially over until Dec. 12, more than one month past Election Day when the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) rendered a decision on behalf of Bush, which sealed it for him in Florida. Fast forward to this past week, and this time, the situation is way more complicated.

There are four states in which Biden’s lead is 1% or less as of counting through Monday, Nov. 9.

In Georgia, it is at .2% or around just 10,000 votes, which triggers an automatic recount since it is less than .5%.

Biden has a .7% lead over President Trump in Pennsylvania or around 36,000 more votes.

President Trump’s legal team is going after the handling of ballots, especially in precincts throughout the state with a special emphasis on Philadelphia. SCOTUS Judge Samuel Alito, who represents that region for the highest court, issued an order on Friday to make sure mail-in ballots delivered after Election Day were segregated from the rest.

Then in a lower Philadelphia court, Trump’s team won a battle that should have never required going to court. Previously, poll watchers were told they had to stay, yes this is right, 20 feet away from where ballots were being counted. Pulled that right off of a CBS Philly report. Here is why this is crucial. In both Pennsylvania and Georgia, no mail-in ballots are counted until after Election Day votes are counted and processed. This means mail-in ballot counting began early Wednesday morning in both states. But in Pennsylvania, poll watchers had to stay 25 feet away for two days until a lower court ruling allowed them to move within six feet. This gives the Trump campaign a pretty good case to have all of the mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania to be checked thoroughly. We’re talking near a million votes there. So why is this significant? Ballots had to be postmarked by Election Day or hand-delivered by 8 p.m. Where in-person voting is done and those votes are well documented, something as simple as a late postmark could throw out many mail-in votes that will likely be examined in Pennsylvania. Many experts claim mail-in voting favored Biden. So eliminating many of his votes, will in turn favor President Trump. With many rumors of dead people voting or folks filling out more than one ballot, a thorough look into these mail-in ballots could be significant. This then moves our focus to Arizona, the state Fox News called for President-elect Biden on Election Day. Do you know that votes are still being counted as Biden has just a 16,952 vote edge. Reportedly, there are still 81,000 ballots remaining to be counted with 45,000 of them being provisional. And the counties remaining are reportedly Republican counties. I’m telling you, do not be shocked to hear that President Trump wins Arizona, or he may eventually win it after a recount. President Trump needs Arizona and then needs to flip Pennsylvania back while clinching North Carolina and reclaiming Georgia. He still has a shot at Wisconsin, where Biden’s lead is under 1% or 20,000 votes. There will likely be a recount. Computer software issues in Michigan, though ruled later to be human error, could lead to a closer look at how alleged software glitches are flipping totals for candidates. It’s clear, this election is far from being certified. Stay tuned...

den named winner, but election is far from over


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