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Area woman uses “battle ax” in assault of a local man in Success


An assault involving what was described as a “battle ax” led to the arrest of a woman from Success on Feb. 3.

According to the official probable cause statement, the incident took place after the male victim reportedly had an argument with his fiancé, Lisa Zaemisch, 46, over dinner.

He reportedly told a deputy that Zaemisch said she wanted chicken for dinner, but the victim had bought “sausage dogs” and he was going to tell her when dinner was ready. Zaemisch then swung the “battle ax” and struck the victim in the right arm. The victim received three stitches to his muscle and four stitches on the outside of his arm close to the wound. Reportedly, the ax seized had an approximate 24-inch handle with a half circle sharpened head attached at the end. Deputies were dispatched to the residence on Highway AP, where Zaemisch concealed herself in the home with the weapon and other evidence consistent with the assault.

Deputies entered the residence after no one answered the door and found the suspect laying on a bed with both the weapon used in the altercation and a hand gun next to her.

When asked what was going on, it was reported the Zaemisch said she was not making any statements. A strong odor of intoxicants was noted to be coming from the suspect at the time of her arrest. The deputy observed blood on the blade of the ax and the deputy noticed a trail of blood leading from the doorway to the bedroom, kitchen then over to the bedroom. Zaemisch was charged with first degree domestic assault by Texas County Prosecuting Attorney Parke Stevens. She was held in the Texas County Jail pending a $500,000 bond. The charges are mere accusations and are not evidence of guilt. Evidence in support of the charges must be presented before a court of competent jurisdiction whose duty is to determine guilt or innocence.


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